Casino streams are a relatively new concept in the online casino realm. It is important to understand how this platform works before trying it out. Online casino streaming is currently being done via Twitch and YouTube. There are currently a lot of online casino streamers and many more players who want to join. Casino streaming can either be done for fun or as a source of income. You can make money through streaming online casino slots in order to advertise various online casinos.

The Essentials For Casino Streams

There are certain things that are required for successful casino streams. You must first have the right equipment in order to get started. Online casino streaming can be done using a desktop, laptop or a powerful mobile device. A desktop is however considered to be the best for online casino slot streaming. You will also require a microphone, headphones or speakers, webcam and OBS software. Good and uninterrupted internet speed for uploading and downloading is also essential.

Once you have collected the required equipment you will need to set them up appropriately. There are numerous step by step tutorials on how to correctly set up on YouTube that are easy to understand. Online casino streaming also requires that you open several online casino accounts and an account on either YouTube or Twitch for the live streams. Always ensure that the online casinos you register with have a good reputation.

How To Casino Stream

The main purpose of casino streaming is to get a following especially if you are in it for advertising casinos for an income. When registering for your online accounts ensure that you use the same username, this is a branding tool so that people always know who you are. A good background for your casino streams is vital; the viewers should be able to see your reactions clearly. That means the lighting should be amazing.

It is important that you are honest with your online viewers. Ensure that you disclose the online slots you play and the bonuses or cash you use to play. Some casinos give their streamers some money to play in order to advertise them. Having a moderator to control your chats during casino streams is recommended, preferably a friend you trust. This will help you to control online trolls and keep the chats clean and friendly.

Casino Streams, Changing Online Gambling

Why You Should Join In On Casino Streaming.

The online casino scene is one of the largest and fastest growing industries. There is a lot of competition among these online casinos for new clientele and casino streaming is the latest advertising avenue. Online casinos are currently paying big money for online casino slot streams, sometimes up to a flat fee of £10,000. Streamers also earn money for every new player that registers at a casino using the streamer’s affiliate link. Start casino streaming today and have fun while you get paid for doing something you love.